Day Twenty-Five

Katie’s Act- Today for my act of kindness, I wrote a letter to  a United States soldier who is currently fighting for our country. We used to do this all the time in Elementary, Middle, and high school, but I realized that I haven’t written a letter to a soldier in a while. I wrote them thanking them for fighting for our country and for their bravery.

Stephanie’s Act- Today, I found a website that donates books to children in need. Since I love to read, I really liked this cause. The website is and for only $5 they donate 2 books. So far they have donated 1,509,272 books.

Amanda’s Act- Today I didn’t have much time to eat dinner while I was at work so I had to run across the street to a pizza place. The pizzeria has punch cards with the 10th pizza you buy free. I realized my punch card was almost full so I bought two slices for myself and gave the cashier the punch card. The next slice would be free. My favorite part of the last several weeks has been thinking about people’s reactions when they find a nice little surprise, so I decided to just leave my punch card at the counter for the next person to find and use for a free slice of pizza. I thought it might be a nice surprise for someone.


Day Twenty-Four

Stephanie’s Act- Today I went to the dentist, everybody’s least favorite thing to do. I went and checked in and they told me it would be only a few minutes and that I could just sit and wait. I waited for half an hour and the receptionists apologized profusely. I simply kept telling them that it was okay and that I would be fine waiting. We talked for a little about school and other things as they told me stories about things that happen at a dentists office. They felt really bad that I had to wait that the receptionists went in and set up my station to see the dentist. They came in to talk more while I continued to wait. They told me that they were so thankful that I was being nice about this and that it was me that had to wait rather than someone who was angry or a jerk. So today, my act of kindness was not a physical act of kindness, but rather just being kind to people. I figure that there are things that you cannot control around you and you can either get upset and ruin your own day and the day of others around you, or you can take it with a smile on your face. I chose to take that situation with a smile and brightened the day of others around me.

Katie’s Act- Today my act will take you all the way back to about the year 2000, but I sent out e-cards to friends! I am in a stage of life where things are constantly changing for everyone. I sent about 10 e-cards out to people that have had something new happen to them recently such as finishing their last semester of college, having a baby, starting grad school, moving to New York City, and I wrote a couple just to say hi. I figure it was a little more fun then just an e-mail, but still let people know I am thinking of them in this time of transition!

Amanda’s Act- When I went to grab dinner tonight, I gave the cashier extra money after I had paid for my food and told him to buy dinner for the next person who came in to the store. While I was waiting, he got really excited when someone walked in the door. It turns out it was just my boyfriend who was coming to wait with me and he wasn’t planning on getting any food but it was really fun to see the cashier so excited by the idea of spreading some kindness.

Day Twenty-Three

Katie’s Act- I recently found a really cool app called Charity Miles. What it is, is a GPS on your phone, just like the Nike App. However, instead of just tracking your miles, it donates to the charity of your choice for every mile you run. It also has a walk and bike option. This morning, I donated to the “Stand Up to Cancer Fund.” I was very tempted to just get up and go to the gym, since it was 26 degrees out when I woke up, and still dark. But, I thought to myself, what will make more of an impact. Going to the gym would have only benefited me, but the great thing about this app is I am getting in shape AND making a difference. It is free! So if you run, walk or bike you should download it.

Stephanie’s Act- Today, I wrote my Thank You notes for Christmas gifts. I’m not always the best at getting out thank you notes, but this year I decided to write them to everybody who had sent me a gift on Christmas. I know that people always appreciate receiving thank you notes and the thought that goes along with them. While this is a small act, it goes a long way just to say Thank You.




Amanda’s Act- I borrowed an idea from Katie. I’ve had a fantastic experience at, of all places, an auto repair shop over the last couple of days. Caspian Auto Care was unbelievably helpful in fixing my ten-year old car. The woman who owns the place even drove me home in her own car when I had to leave my car there for the day. I wrote a really nice Yelp review to help them get more business because they made such a big impact on me. I’m definitely a customer for life due to their kindness.

Day Twenty-Two

Katie’s Act- Last night Kai and I were looking at the 50 most viral videos of 2012. Most of them were little kids being silly or people doing stupid things. However, the 3rd most viral video of 2012 was “Kony 2012.” If you haven’t seen this video, take 30 minutes of your time to watch it It is worth it! I had seen this video when it first came out, but didn’t do anything about it. After watching it last night, I decided this time I would take action. I went on the website and decided I would donate $5 a month to help fund a scholarship to a child in Uganda. $5 is not a lot, but it is something. I figure I can sacrifice a Starbucks drink once a month to donate to this amazing cause.

Stephanie’s Act- A few nights ago, I went to Sideboard restaurant with my dad. They had forgotten our meal so they gave us a few free drink cards as compensation for waiting. Today, I went to the gluten-free market to pick up my favorite oatmeal. I decided that I would leave the a free drink card with a note under a snack for the nest person to find. The note said “Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind.” This is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that I love because it just shows the little things that people should do to make life great.

Amanda’s Act- I was thinking about some of the things that I feel are most important in the world and settled on education as what I believe is a large part of the foundation of a good life. I went to Scholastic’s website hoping I could donate. They have a page that lists several foundations that help get children reading. I landed on one called “Reach Out and Read” that provides children’s books to schools and hospitals and helps children learn to read.

Day Twenty-One

Katie’s Act– Today I got creative and went on the wedding registry section of Crate and Barrel. I looked up a random person and bought them a small gift off their wedding registry list. I then signed it with a note that said “Congratulations on your wedding! May you share a lifetime of love together! Signed, 26 acts of kindness for Sandy Hook.” They are a couple from Minnesota, and the man’s last name is Blackwell, so it will be a Blackwell wedding! I hope that they have a nice surprise when they are opening their wedding presents and spread the acts of kindness to their area.

Also, I needed to make an act up from a previous day because I forgot to do one on December 29th. So, I wrote my relatives thank you cards thanking them for my presents from Christmas, but also letting them know how much I missed seeing them at the holidays and that I love them. It is easy to get caught up in everyday life, and while you may think relatives know that you miss and love them, it is never a bad thing to remind them.

Stephanie’s Act- Today, my act of kindness wasn’t a random act of kindness but something that I thought that would help out my family. My mom is in Florida for the BCS championship game and while she’s gone, it’s just been my dad and I. Neither of us are much of the homemaker type, this means we order in dinner everyday and wait until an hour before my mom comes home to clean up the mess we have accumulated from the whole week. While I was making myself lunch today, I noticed that we were almost completely out of mugs and cups. I looked at the dishes and noticed that our dishwasher was completely full. I decided to help my parents out and do the dishes and put them away when they were clean. This is just a little act, but it helped out my family.

Amanda’s Act- My car was in the shop for most of the day so I forced myself to do laundry. All the laundry. I’d be willing to bet that a good percentage of laundry done in the US went through my washing machine today. I started realizing that a lot of the articles of clothing in my drawers haven’t been worn in years. Some of it was even from high school. I decided to go through my clothing and pull the items I haven’t worn in at least a year and take them to Good Will. They’re all in good condition, just too young for me now. I got a lot of use and gained a lot of confidence from many of those items. It’s time to pass that on to someone else.

Day Twenty

Katie’s Act- Today I stumbled upon a cool website called What this is, is a search engine like google or bing, except when you search anything on the web, it donates a penny to a charity of your choice. The charity that I picked was the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue. I have been using this website for my search engine all day and will continue to! You guys should take a look at it, and use it too!

Amanda’s Act- My act was small today. While I was riding BART a couple was looking for seats on the crowded train. There was no one sitting next to me so I offered them my seats so they could sit together. My stop was coming up fairly soon anyway and they were both surprised and grateful that I gave them my seat.

Stephanie’s Act– I’m still on winter break, so I didn’t really leave my house today. I was looking online for ideas that I could do from home. I found that there is a thing called “Click for a Cause”. Click for a cause is when people visit the website, an outside donor donates money. I know what you’re thinking because I thought the same thing, this must be a scam. I read more into how these websites work. When people click on the donate button, it brings them to another page that shows an advertisement. The advertisement pays for the donations and the more people that see the advertisement, the more money they donate. This website that I found it on had a list of different causes that used these click for a cause. I chose a cause that is close to our family’s hearts. It was a click for a cause that donates money to a fund that goes towards curing cancer. I know that this isn’t much, but I hope that it could make a slight impact.

Day Nineteen

Stephanie’s Act- Today, I went to CVS to go pick up some things that I needed. As I was walking through to parking lot I remembered how I used to love to pick up pennies from the ground. So I pulled out a few pennies from my wallet and placed them on the ground, heads up of course because “find a penny, pick it up, the rest of the day you’ll have good luck.” This is a very small act, but I hope that some little kid will find one of these heads up pennies and feel lucky for the rest of the day.

Amanda’s Act It was one of my friend’s last days at work before he moves on to a new job. I brought him a box of chocolates and wrote him a long note about how I knew he would do great things and how much I would miss him. I think it meant a lot to him and to me to acknowledge our friendship on his last day.

Katie’s Act- While checking out at King Soopers today, I noticed a sign that said add $1, or add $3 to your purchase to donate to Children’s Hospital. I chose the $3 option. It barely added anything to my grocery bill, but if everyone were to donate as they checked out from the grocery store, it would make a huge difference. The funny thing is, I am sure that that sign has been there forever, but I had never noticed it. When you are looking for acts of kindness to do, you become more aware of all the opportunities you have to do them.

Day Eighteen

Katie’s Act- Since it is the beginning of the New Year, I decided to be healthy and grab lunch at our organic grocery store. In the food court area, there is always a person that gives chair massages. As I was finishing up my lunch, he asked if I could watch his things while he ran to his car. I of course said yes, because this is a very simple task. Then about 5 minutes went by, and he wasn’t back, 10 minutes went by, he still wasn’t back, I thought about leaving and asking the person next to me to watch it but I figured I told him I would so I should. Then 15 minutes went by and he came back and says to me “since you watched my stuff for a while, I am going to give you a free massage!” Even though it was free, he still got a tip from me because it was an awesome massage.

Amanda’s Act- I went to grab dinner while I was at work, not at an organic grocery store but at a nearby takeout restaurant. I worked in a couple of restaurants growing up and I know how grumpy people can be when they’re hungry and how it can kind of weigh on you. One thing I really took away from those jobs was how much I appreciated when people were friendly to me and I always try to act that way to people at restaurants. The woman at the cash register tonight was really friendly. I paid for my inexpensive dinner with a credit card, knowing there would be a line to enter in a tip. I tipped 100% on the meal and wrote “have a great day!” on the receipt. She saw it, smiled and told me to have a great day too. I could tell it had taken her by surprise. Felt good! 

Stephanie’s Act- Today, my friend’s sister was throwing a birthday party. Her family wanted some help with party so that they wouldn’t be so overwhelmed with the whole thing. My friends and I decided that it would be nice of us to work the party and help out their parents so they wouldn’t be so stressed about it. We checked people in and made sure that everybody was behaving. The parents were so appreciative for our help because they didn’t have to do everything at once. We all felt good about helping out and had some fun in the process.

Day Seventeen

Amanda’s Act- Today I picked up a packet of notecards that said “Hello!” in a cute design on the front and wrote a note to all of my neighbors wishing them a Happy New Year and asking them to make it a great one. I’ve never met any of these people other than the occasional “hello” when passing them on the stairs because I’m rarely home at the same time they are with my job schedule. Hopefully this will serve as a more formal introduction. It’s about time I did that!

Stephanie’s Act- Today, I went to the new outlet mall in Livermore with my mom. It has apparently been very crowded the past few weeks since it opened and many of the workers seemed to already be exhausted with their jobs. While my mom and I were shopping, we decided to try and make everybody that we talked to smile. We struck up conversations with each worker we encountered. We asked them questions about their day and about their job and hoped we would make them smile. For some store workers it was easy, for some it was a little bit different. Hopefully our kindness left an impression on them and relieved some of the stress of working in a busy mall.

Katie’s Act- Today I helped a co-worker with some of her busy work tasks. She is a top producer in our office so is constantly busy. I did little things like call the city of Boulder for her, help her print things, and help her with a couple of computer tasks. It was easy for me to do since I wasn’t terribly busy, but when you are having a crazy day, those little things are the last things you want to do.

Day Sixteen

Amanda’s Act- I was trying to think of something different that I could do today and for some reason my mind turned to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. There are still people who are struggling due to the aftereffects of that storm, but life has moved on for those of us not effected, which is to be expected. I thought it would be nice to donate to Red Cross disaster relief as a reminder that the rest of the country may move on with our every day lives, but we still care and realize they are going through a hard time.

Stephanie’s Act- Tonight, I went to dinner with a few of my friends. We parked in a parking garage that cost money when you parked there. I decided to help out the van that was parked next to us and left a few dollars on their windshield with a note that said “To help you pay for parking. Pay it forward!”

Katie’s Act-Today I flew from California back to Colorado. I decided to just do a simple thing and be extra friendly to the girl sitting next to me on the plane. She was about my age, and so we chatted about she was going to a music conference is from the bay area, and just about our lives. After everyone was on the plane, she realized the overhead bin wasn’t going to close because her suitcase, she also had a 40 min. layover in Denver and our plane was already late, so could not have them check her bag. Kai and I decided to take some of our stuff out and just cram it under our seat so her bag could fit. It wasn’t that big of a deal for us to do, and it made it so she could make her flight.